We are inspired by the team ethos, the intrinsic sense of well being when you contribute to the success of the greater good.  

Our beautiful custom apparel is made for all types of teams or where people come together to share a common goal or identity. Whether that is your sports club, college, university, or the company corporate event, we make the apparel that shows your allegiances and sense of belonging.

Each of the garments we produce is done so with a high level of attention to detail, which encompasses a focus on fit, style, fabrics, construction, and making your logos stand out no matter the process used. It is the embellishment phase where the garment becomes uniquely yours and represents your allegiance. 

Lionheart’s origin was in providing authentic rugby apparel, a game where players give their blood, sweat, and tears for each other, we channel those same elements in what we do to offer a retail quality, uniqueness, and style to each project.