Creating a life less ordinary!

Do you ever find yourself struggling with staying motivated to achieve personal goals or infusing more pleasure into your life?  Often we find ourselves getting caught in the routine of daily life and it can wear on you.  Even when you do something that would generally be fun, if your routine in life is too entrenched you often don’t even recognize when fun happens, you may already be walking down apathy road!


 Like many things in life, if it’s worth doing it takes your willful intention and creating a purpose, one that will sustain an adherence to what you are attempting to achieve.  Often we set goals for ourselves then when it gets a little too hard we find a reason to stop or in many cases not even start.  l have been guilty of this!

 Whether your goals or dare l say dreams are to get fitter or more active, overcoming illness or injuries, eating healthier, being more mindful, such as meditating, traveling more, lots more, participating in sports, starting a hobby, continuing education or something totally different, there are so many thing in life to do that breaks your routine.  The down side is, this will take effort, in some cases not a lot and in some cases huge amounts.

 In my own personal journey, I have struggled with overcoming injuries and dealing with chronic pain.  At times l feel like a wine cork bobbing in the ocean not sure of the direction l will be taken, more on those subjects in future episodes.

 Help is at hand! Over the next bunch of months Lionheart will be offering up some great ideas, inspirations, stories and how to do’s over a broad range of subject matter, from fitness to mindfulness and food to fashion.  Ultimately, we want to create a place where we can share the human experience and some of the commonalities that should bring us together.  And perhaps just enough motivation for you to try something new and fun!

 I will certainly share some of my own journey in working at Lionheart Sports and building a custom apparel company in a city where we are up against some clothing giants, but most of us have heard about David versus Goliath, which in some ways is great metaphor for you versus life.  Life can feel like fighting a giant at times, but its good to know you can come out a champion!

Spencer Bromley

Martha Pandelo